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· How do social determinants of health affect your practices/institutions?

· How do social determinants of health affect your practices/institutions?Nursing homework taskAs you learn more about the research that documents the effects of ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) on long-term health, what are your initial thoughts? What are some ideas you have for your community? Do you have an example from practice where having an ACEs lens would have been beneficial? What are the most compelling learnings for you?The SDOH (social determinants of health) are clearly connected to ?root causes? and the readings and Unnatural Causes videos have provided data, narratives, and interventions for local action. World Health Organization (WHO) has also focused on SDOH globally.Questions· Cultural competence, cultural safety, cultural humility all provides models for health care practice. From your readings and your experience, how does culture inform and affect health? Please give an example· How do social determinants of health affect your practices/institutions?· Please reflect with your definitions and descriptions on how these would be more applicable to yourself.800-1000 words

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