October 10, 2022

I need a 2 or 3 sentence comment on each paragraph

Paragraph 1

As a nurse our responsibility is to make sure our patients understand what we educate them on because that causes better outcomes for the patients we care for. Strategies we can implement besides learning styles is looking at the patient has a whole. Nurses should like and consider the emotional, the physical, the spiritual and how willing they are to learn and if encouragement is needed to complete the plan of care or help the patient understand what they need to know prior to discharge. Another strategy is starting to teach the patient as soon as they are admitted because now and especially in a hospital the patient is admitted and then discharged in such a short time that we don’t get to teach as much as we should anymore. I personally feel behavioral objectives should consistently be used because anytime health promotion/teaching is part of the plan of care then this typically is going to lean towards the changing the of unhealthy habits or even adding in healthier habits.

Paragraph 2

The nurse has many roles and responsibility during a shift. The nurse is a friend, a confidant, an advocator; but one of the most important roles is a health educator. Nurses providing quality, individualized, education can increase patient outcomes (Smith

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