Mental health disorders


1st Respondent 2nd Respondent
Name of participants X Y
Country of origin Cameroon Zimbabwe
Social Interaction Interacts with individuals of same origin Yes
Interaction with Healthcare Yes but no mental healthcare access Yes but there was language barrier
Experience with mental health disorders Yes Yes
Causes of mental health disorders Stress due civil war crisis from home country People did not understand me, and was frustrating.
Culturally based stigma Individuals expected to handle handle stress within them People are afraid to speak about a mental illness.
Definition for mental illnesses starts with stress, then crisis loss of memory, coordination, or experiencing psychosis.
Signs of mental health illnesses Stress, trauma, crisis, depression Psychotic behaviors, depression
Challenges of medical help access Cost, Low Income cost and language barrier
Experience when seeking help Not sought mental care help, before Language barrier, Cultural beliefs are main problems
Barriers to mental healthcare access Stigma, Finances, Lack of awareness Stigma , cost, language
Feelings regarding past experiences Create more awareness, stress the need to seek mental help shun taboos on mental health, mental healthcare setup
Current Response Education and awareness Education, creating awareness, social interaction, coping skills
Challenges to mental health services access Cost,stigma,lack of trust with health care providers Cost, stigma, language
How cultural stigma occurs in seeking medical help Individuals expected to handle stress within them Individuals expected to handle mental stress within them
Experiences with mental health providers Not sought mental care help, before Very difficult to explain myself to them
Current Living as West or Central African immigrant Lonely, stressful, limited social interactions great living, getting ahead in life.
Signs of developing mental illnesses Denial feeling exhausted, angry and lack of sleep
Efforts to seek mental health-related services Not successful because of high cost/unaffordable Not successful because counselors couldn’t understand him
Medical help improvements needed to be made by authorities Increase accessibilty, make healthcare affordable More financing for training therapist and counselors.
Future of African immigrants experiencing mental health services? Optim

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