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South University Remediation Mastery Assignment



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South University Remediation Mastery Assignment


Identify 5 subject areas from The Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse that you have identified as a weakness in your learning.
1.the seven core competencies of APN 2. the four core roles of APN 3. the Hamrics model of advanced practice 4. impact of the role of APN on the quality of care and patients outcome 5. role of incongruity
Review the identified subject areas using your texts, evidence-based articles, and national practice guidelines. Provide an analysis of your readings which demonstrates an understanding of the areas you have identified as a weakness.
1. Evidence based practice is one of the desired practices for APN. Their practice depends on 7 core competences ;

· direct clinical practice,

· expert coaching and advice, (COOKE et al., 2008)

· consultation,

· research skills,

· clinical and professional leadership,

· collaboration, and

· ethical decision making(Thomas & Kleinpell, 2012)

2. Unlike registered nurses APRNs are have had a graduate level of degree(Vega, 2021). They can assume four core roles;

· certified nurse-midwife (CNM),

· certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), clinical nurse specialist (CNS), and(RegisteredNursing, 2021)

· nurse practitioner (NP)

3. Hamrics defined an integrative model that defines the different roles of APRN. This helps creates an understanding on the diverse functions of APRNs in health care. 4. With the rise in the prevalence of chronic illness and multimorbidity, there is need for acuity in care. APN workforce is greatly associated with quality care. The APN roles should be implemented at emergency and critical care areas for quality patient outcomes (Woo et al., 2017). Proper utilization of workforce reduces the high demand of health care services(Htay & Whitehead, 2021). 5. Role of incongruity describes intrarole conflict between skills and abilities and the role of APN (Hamric et al., 2013). Due to shortage of health care professionals, it is common for APNs to be given roles that they have not specialized in (Brykczynski, n.d.).
Provide a reference list (in proper APA format) of your resources used in the mastery process. Provide at least 2 references for each subject area.
Reference List


COOKE, L., GEMMILL, R., & GRANT, M. (2008). Advanced Practice Nurses Core Competencies. Clinical Nurse Specialist, 22(5), 218-225. https://doi.org/10.1097/01.nur.0000325366.15927.2d


Thomas, A., & Kleinpell, R. (2012). Nursing practice core competencies. Cdn.ymaws.com.

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