(15% of grade)

    October 7, 2022

The objective of this assignment is to examine ways in which personal characteristics (e.g. age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, spiritual/religious beliefs, etc.) and values of the counselor influence the helping processes. The focus of your first reflection is for you to begin to think about your personal history and identify cultural factors, formative events, key relationships and/or significant periods in your life that have influenced your development and shape the way you view the world. This could include your personal philosophy about human nature and how it may or may not change. You may also reflect on your feelings about mental health and pathology. You may incorporate results of the Theory Sorter, which you will take during the first or second class. It will be interesting to see how your perceptions change at the end of the semester when you write your theoretical orientation paper. This should be in APA style, 3 pages, and written in the first person. (15% of grade)
-Age: 29
– Ethnicity: Hispanic
– Sexual Orientation: Straight
– Religion: Christian I am attaching a file to this order that may be helpful and provide a lot of good information. Please read carefully and ensure paper meets expectations. Thank you!

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