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1)What explains the fact that continual training may be more important in foreign markets than in domestic ones?

1)What explains the fact that continual training may be more important in foreign markets than in domestic ones?

A)Updating of newer technological innovations in the product
B)Cultural distance could result in dilution of core aspects of the strategy
C)Lack of routine contact with the parent company
D)Foreign markets are slower to adapt to innovative products
E)Lack of technical knowledge among the foreign salespersons
2)A market offering most likely refers to the:
A)price of the product
B)tangible product
C)bundle of satisfactions the buyer receives
D)image of the product
3)Considering the specific characteristics of Japan’s culture,which of the following strategies might be used as a motivator in Japanese organizations?
A)merit increase in pay
B)Individual rewards
C)Individual commission system
D)Early promotion opportunities
E)Group bonus schemes
4)Which of the following is true of sales compensation practices accross the globe?
A)A majority (nearly 75 percent) of multinational companies describe their sales compensation plans as global in nature
B)Most companies establish sales compensation practices locally
C)Government intervention in pay determination aimed at leveling pay scales is gaining popularity in European countries
D)Most asian mnc’s have adopted the us system with its emphasis on commissions based on individual performance
e)the international labour organization is playing a key role in determining compensation practices worldwide
5)All of following statements are true regarding a Japanese market EXCEPT:
a)the costs of Japanese consumer goods are among the highest in the world
b)the Japanese consumers favor price over personel service
C)the Japanese market is characterized by the tradition of frequent trips to the store
D)the Japanes distribution structure supports long term dealer supplier relationships
E)manufacturers depend on wholesalers for a multitude of services to other members of the distribution network like financing,physical distribution etc.

6)Which of the following is the major deterrent for executives offered an expatriate position?
A)The threat of international terrorist attacks in foreign markets
B)The loss of deep rooted friendships at the home country office
C)The lack of proper communication technology
D)The loss of visibility at corporate headquarters
E)The steep increase in living costs in a foreign location

7) In which of the following modes of distribution in the foreign market will a company have to make maximum financial investment?
A)Export associations
B)Direct sales force
C)Trading companies
D)Complimentary marketers
E)Export management companies
8)Which industry is the global leader in advertising expenditures?
B)Personal care
9)cultural empathy means that a person is:
A)hostile to all cultures except his own
B)knowledgeable in the major cultural trends,globally.
C)sympathetic and understanding of a culture other than their own.
D)tolerant of inferior cultures
E)subservient to a superior culture
10)When hiring new personnel,most of the traits necessary for success in international marketing can be assessed by :
A)body language
b)checking references
D)biographical information
E)interviews and role playing exercises
11)Another term that is commonly used to describe the activities of complementary marketing is:
B)demand shifting
E)shape shifting
12)According to the text,the only way to avoid linguistic problems in advertising communication is:
A)using the best language experts for translating the advertisement
B)developing a new version of the product for the new market
C)creating an entirely new advertisement for the new market
D)in country testing with the target consumer group
E)avoiding verbal communication and used only facial expressions and physical gestures in the advertisement.
13)Which of the following is suggested to make home office personnel more aware of problems of foreign operations?
A)Cross cultural training
B)Newer technical skills
C)Email and presentation skills
D)Telecommuting and teleconferencing skills
E)Global selling techniques
14)Which of the following factors is mainly responsible for a perceptual bias when interpreting the characteristics of a product?
A)Market analyst’s intelligence quotient
B)Market analyst’s self reference criteria
C)Poor product knowledge
D)Noise in the communication channel 
E)Multitude of competing products


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