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2-1 Discussion: STDs in Society

How society should regard STDs, HIV, and unplanned pregnancy is often controversial. Assume the role of a religious leader, government lawmaker, birth control company chief officer, or physician. Using politically correct terminology and discretion, explain how you think society should view 1) STDs, 2) HIV, or 3) unplanned pregnancy. Find a real-world, online example to support your opinion.

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There are many subjects in today’s society that leads to explosive controversary, and unplanned pregnancy is no different. As a lawmaker I feel it necessary to speak up about the direct hit the Trump administration tried to take on eliminating birth control coverage for close to 62 million women [ CITATION Pla17 \l 1033 ]. Fortunately, in January 2019 the federal court in Pennsylvania blocked the latest attack from the Trump administration (cutting the birth control guarantee from the ACA). Nine out of ten women will use birth control in their lifetime.

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