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    October 10, 2022

(1) 150 words citation references
Nola Pender’s health promotion model is used to promote health behaviors by observing the family dynamics and promoting interventions that affect the family unit. The model has three main concepts. The first is that people are basically a sum of their parts, their individual biological makeup and their past experiences. Second, they have developed beliefs and characteristics based upon their interpersonal environment. The final concept is the goal, which is health promotion. The nurse is a part of the interpersonal experience, as well as the family. The individual’s perception of self-efficacy can be based on emotions related to past success or failures, the presence or absence of positive role models, and the presence of health disparities that can compete with the behavior change (Nursing Theories, 2011).
Pender’s model can help in teaching behavioral change, because it considers the multitude of dynamic forces at work in an individual’s life.  According to the theorist, when a person’s interpersonal environment becomes supportive and positive, there is a greater chance of patient compliance. For incidence, if the person is a new onset diabetic and their family is not supportive with diet changes and do not modify the family meals, the patient is less likely to be compliant with their new diet. 
Disparities such as age, socioeconomic status, educational level, disability, race, culture, or religious beliefs can affect a patient’ ability to learn. These factors can compete with the patient’s ability to participate in health promoting behaviors or limit access to health promotion resources. For instance, a person with limited English speaking ability may not have health promotion resources available in their native language (Whitney, 2018). 
According to the transtheoretical model, change is based upon a person working through six stages. Change occurs when a person has had time to contemplate and make up their mind to take action (Whitney, 2018). People can be unwilling to change for many reasons. They might not be cognitively capable, physically ready, or psychologically ready (Ashton

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