2 questions 100 words each due in half an hour.

Visualize yourself as an executive at Target. Develop a policy to empower customer service desk associates to resolve customer problems, including the limits to their empowerment.

Your response should be at least 100 words in length.  Please reference 1 credible source. APA style. I have this so far please add on.


Target customer service associates are granted the authority to resolve a wide range of customer problems without approval from their supervisor. Customer service workers are authorized to grant full refunds when it appears the customer has tried out but not regularly used the merchandise. Full refunds and exchanges can be granted for defective merchandise. Customer service personnel, however, are not authorized to make payments to customers in excess of the retail price of the merchandise. A supervisor must be consulted before a customer service worker can grant refunds or exchanges without proof of purchase. (Students might be asked to critique this sample policy from the point of view of the customer service worker and management.)


Describe a job situation that you or someone you know may have experienced that presented an ethical dilemma. In addition, describe the process one should follow when making an ethical decision regarding this dilemma.

Your response should be at least 100 words in length.  Please reference 1 credible source.  APA style. I have this so far please add on.



During working hours, my friend developed a new spreadsheet software in the company personal computer. The software is more easier to use and powerful than any other software in the market. He shares this information with another friend who encourages him to market the software on his own. This will make him incredible profits in a short time. This is so appealing option, though it was developed using company rsources i.e. time and equipments. What should he do?

Process of making an ethical decision regarding this dilemma.

  1. Identify the problem or dilemma.

  2. Identify the potential issues involved.

  3. Review the relevant ethical codes.

  4. Know the applicable laws and regulations.

  5. Obtain consultation.

  6. Consider possible and probable courses of action.

  7. Enumerate the consequences of various decisions.

  8. Decide on what appears to be the best course of action.

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