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3-1 Discussion: Sexual Violence

1.Describe physical, social, psychological, and health behaviors resulting from sexual violence.

2.Explain how cultural and social factors impact sexualviolence.

3.What are effective best strategies in addressing sexual violence?

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Sexual violence is more common then any of us would like to admit. In the United States alone1 out of 3 women will sexually violated in their lifetimes, as well as 1 in 4 men (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2019). All too often, these rapes will happen to these individuals by someone they already know. As a survivor of sexual violence, and having multiple friends who are also survivors, it leaves detrimental impacts on a person’s physical, social, and mental health. It is not an issue that is easily discussed as it comes with a lot of shame and fear. It leaves feeling of helplessness and a total loss of one’s power. This is especially true considering 1 in 3 women who were raped were only between the ages of 11-17(CDC, 2019).

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