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308 week 5 problem-solving techniques

As a police officer, describe how important is it to support community problem-solving and broken windows policing by applying problem-solving techniques? 350 words

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This week we are discussing as a police officer the importance of supporting community problem-solving along with broken windows policing. As a law enforcement officer, you are tasked with ethical decision making all the time. When making these ethical decisions, you not only have to make the right choice but sometimes a split-second decision. An ethical dilemma that most officers face in receiving goods or services from businesses. On the surface these gestures may seem kind and harmless, but the are some deeper-rooted dilemmas to be concerned about. First, as an officer it make be against his or her policy for accept gifts or services. If that is the case, the officer must decide whether they will reject the kind offer from the business to abide by the policy or accept the offer and not offend the person offering. A good way to go about this ethical dilemma is to step back and evaluate their actions at that time. In the case where the business owner may be making it clear that they would be offended if you reject their offer, it may be best to just accept the offering rather than cause an argument over the gesture. There are numerous way the issue could be solved and hopefully the officer would choose one of

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