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308 week 7 risk assessment

1.) Discuss the possible effects of applying risk assessment and risk management in policing pertaining to curtailing departmental and officer misconduct.

Student expectations for Forum questions:

Each student’s answer to the question (only 1 question in Wk 7) should be a minimum of350words. A minimum of two peer reviewed references need to be used in the development of your answer.

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In this week’s forum we are discussing the possible effects of applying risk assessment and risk management pertaining to misconduct in policing. Risk management and assessment plays a very important role within law enforcement. Risk management engages in the basic training forsworn officers (Gallagher, G. P. 1990). In any criminal justice career, there is training on the rules, regulations, and the proper way to conduct oneself. In many law enforcement agencies training new officer the Law Enforcement Code of Ethics is very popular. As a police officer, going through the police academy we all had to learn and recite the Code of Ethics at the beginning of each day.

From the very beginning of training officers are taught by following these ethics can lead them to maintaining professionalism throughout their career. It has been seen time after time of police misconduct of a few officers being caught shows the profession as a whole in a negative light. The misconduct of officers include incidents such as questionable traffic stops, illegal searches and seizures of persons and belongings, and excessive use of force. Nowadays, we see all too often citizens recording officers and capturing what they feel to be excessive force used by an officer. Although police departments around the country have an implemented standard operating procedures and other policies that allow officers to do their jobs,

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