5 year strategic planning

    September 16, 2022

Hello I need some one to type a 5 year strategic plan . The guidelines are as follows: The final exam will consist of the development of a 5-year strategic plan for your current organization.  This plan should include at least 3 goals and 2 objectives under each goal in order to accomplish that goal. Students will be provided with an example to follow and at least 2 references should be used. Also follow the guidelines of these 2 links7 Simple Steps in Strategic Planning Processhttp://oira.cortland.edu/webpage/planningandassessmentresources/planningresources/BasicStepsforStrategicPlanning.pdfin addition, I work as a teachers assistant and work with low income students that I feel have been forgotten by the school district. Add how in the 5 years the school and children can be improved in the paper <

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