6051 Wk 6 Discuss REPLY (1)

    October 10, 2022

Write a 2 Paragraph response (with 2-3 sources) to this post offering additional/alternative ideas regarding opportunities and risks related to the observations shared.

Innovative technology in the healthcare industry has made significant strides in patient care by utilizing these advancements to diagnose health conditions and deliver effective treatment quickly. My healthcare organization has adopted the use of interpretation technology, a device that facilitates communication between patients who have limited proficiency in English and healthcare providers through a digital communication system (Scamman, 2018). At my organization, we often use the audiovisual interpretation system when we are communicating with patients with limited English proficiency. The audiovisual call is done through a touchscreen tablet on a wheeled stand that can be rolled into the patient’s room and connects to a medically trained interpreter for the language of choice within seconds. This application is used to translate pertinent information about the treatment plan, provide education, and answer patient questions. Another feature used at my organization is the mobile patient portal, a web-based application that allows patients to communicate with their providers, ask questions, schedule appointments, and review their health records.

As with most technological devices, there is always the risk of encountering a device malfunction. The use of an audiovisual interpretation system presents a risk for technical disruptions, such as sound and video quality issues or inability to connect the call. While these disruptions can be corrected through technology design and adequate internet connection, it can create feelings of frustration in providers who are unable to effectively communicate with the patient (Clay-Williams, Baysari, Taylor, Zalitis, Georgiou, Robinson, Braithwaite

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