7 Simple Steps to Write Literature Review

    December 11, 2022

7 Simple Steps to Write Literature Review

7 Simple Steps to Write Literature Review

The overall technique for composing a literature review is the same whether you are composing it as part of a larger research project (such as a dissertation, thesis, or other) or as a stand-alone assignment. The simple steps of writing a top-notch literature review include the following: 

Step 1: Topic Identification 

If your literature review is part of a research paper or a standalone assignment, this is generally the only thing you’ll need to handle differently. Search for works that address your primary research questions and challenges if you are doing a literature review as part of another project. In the same way, if you are writing it as a standalone assignment, you will need to decide on a topic and a fundamental issue around which to base your literature review.

Step 2: Conduct Research

Once you have a well-defined topic, it is time to gather relevant material for your review. We recommend generating a list of pertinent keywords associated with your fundamental issue. This will simplify the entire research process and enable you to identify relevant papers quickly. For you to find credible and applicable resources, utilize your keyword list. Use only reputable resources now, such as those found in academic libraries and online scientific databases. 

Once you have a list of potential sources, it is crucial to determine whether or not they are genuinely related to your topic and research problem. Papers may be read in their entirety; however, summaries will give you a better sense of what each article is about without taking up too much of your time. 

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Step 3: Assessing and Prioritizing Sources

You should gather enough material for your literature review throughout your research. When writing their evaluations, many students make the common error of attempting to include all of the materials they have gathered. Instead, you should review the information you have collected, assess the reliability of the sources, and pick the most pertinent ones. You will likely be able to read everything published on a specific topic and combine all that information into a single literature review. That is why giving them a top priority is crucial.

Step 4: Identify Key Ideas, Relationships, and Gaps

Before beginning to write the outline and write your literature review, the last stage is to establish connections between the existing research. You can better arrange the current information, create a strong literature summary, and (if applicable) highlight your research contribution to a specific topic if you can identify the linkages. Some of the critical things to consider here include the following;

  • Main themes;
  • Gaps;
  • Trends and patterns;
  • Influential theories or studies;
  • Contradiction. 

Step 5: Develop an Outline

Even though it’s sometimes overlooked, outlining is crucial to writing any academic paper. This is the most efficient method for arranging your text’s main body and checking for omissions. In addition, establishing a comprehensive plan for the paper’s contents will facilitate more rapid and accurate completion. We have covered how to create an outline here (insert link). At this point in the process, you may utilize what you have learned from us to create your own outline. 

Step 6: Start Writing

After gathering and organizing your research materials, you may start drafting your paper. It is now a matter of sticking to your outline and following the general guidelines for format and organization laid out by your instructor. 

Step 7: Final Touches

Many students skip this last step of writing a literature review. It is important to proofread and edit your work before submitting it. Spending adequate time on these processes is essential for achieving a high grade. Make sure you allocate editing and proofreading sufficient time. 

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