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A science-fiction writer described a fictitious product in a book that he holds

A science-fiction writer described a fictitious product in a book that he holds the copyright for. A scientist developed the fictitious product and made the product a reality. The scientist was granted a patent for the product. The issue is whether or not the science-fiction writer should have any claim on the product itself since the product idea originated in the book he had written. Copyright LawThe science fiction writer holds the copyright for the book which protects the author from having other people use his written work. Copyright law does not protect facts ideas concepts principles ideas or discoveries. The book itself is covered; however the fictitious product idea is not. How does Copyright law affect this scenario? How can we improve the law in the area of copyright law? What would you do to protect your item if you wanted to obtain a copyright on an item?ANSWER QUESTION TWICE. 200 WORD MIN EACH ANSWER. APA <

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