A summary of the article.

    October 7, 2022

A summary of the article. Use questions noted below to complete a thorough summary of the
article (
What is the article’s title, in which journal was it published and who are the authors? Full APA-style
citation. (3 points)
1) What was the purpose of the study? 2 points
2) What is the significance/relevance of addressing such problem? 2 points
3) What were the study’s hypotheses? 3 points
4) What are the variables in the study? 2 points
5) How were the variables measured or operationalized? 2 points
6) Who were the participants? (E.g., age, ethnicity, gender, education, how were they recruited?)
2 points
7) Were the hypotheses supported/rejected? 2 points
8) What are the theoretical/practical implications of the study? 2 points
9) How does this article contribute to your understanding of the research question you plan to
examine? Be specific by:
9a) Stating you research question (2 points)
9b) Identifying specific information that you obtained from the article that informs your
understanding of the question you will study. (3 points)

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