Abortion continues to be a debated topic throughout the years and it has caused division among some states.

    November 2, 2022

Abortion continues to be a debated topic throughout the years and it has caused division among some states.  On June 24, 2022, the Supreme Court decided to change the decision of a case that took place over 50 years ago.  According to the article “at the latter part of the 20th century, there was no support in American law for a constitutional right to obtain an abortion”, but then when it became illegal it became a crime. Abortion is now one of the most controversial issues in different states, making some approve and others disapprove of the decision to overturn a ruling that was made about 50 years ago.  Dobbs vs. Jackson case has drawn worldwide attention because it is a controversial case.  The controversial decision to overturn Roe vs. Wade that was made around 50 years ago will create changes that could become problematic or beneficial. 
One way in which such a decision can cause problems is that it can become a financial burden for many not just in America, but worldwide. Due to the overturn of Roe vs. Wade, many women will have to prepare to carry an unintentional pregnancy because they will not be able to have an abortion.  This can cause many women to seek illegal places that will charge for affordable abortion or healthcare which could lead to more problems such as injuries and even death. An unplanned pregnancy can also affect one’s mental health both physically and emotionally.  Another problematic issue that could occur is that there will be states that will approve of Roe vs. Wade causing many from those states to flock to the states that disapprove of the overturning of the case thereby causing healthcare providers to become overwhelmed with too many abortion cases.
Yes, I do believe a state should impose regulations on abortion, why? Because there are many women, no matter the consequences or the dangerous outcome that could occur may want to abort a fetus at the gestational age of 15 weeks are greater, which can endanger the mother.  Many women do not think about the aftermath of what could happen.  Healthcare providers can also be blamed or lose their licenses due to their involvement in such situations. “Mississippi’s Gestational Age Act provides that except in a medical emergency or the case of a severe fetal abnormality, a person shall not intentionally or knowingly perform or induce an abortion of an unborn human being if the probable gestational age of the unborn human being has been determined to be greater than fifteen (15) weeks.”  Like Mississippi, there are other States whose Gestational Age Act is similar, but the gestational age goes up to 25 weeks.  Imposing regulation on abortion in a medical emergency this way medical providers can intervene if medically necessary and their license will also be protected.
I do believe a state can if they want to allow elective abortion through the third trimester, could they do so legally, only if medically necessary, not considering financial reasons, or just because they do not want the pregnancy. Why? because it is said that although Roe vs Wade was overturned “the court overrules these decisions and returns the authority to the people and their elected representatives”. So in other words a 50-year-old decision was overturned, but still allowing each state to abide by this decision or make their own decision. Some states adopted this ruling while others disapprove.

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