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ABP1 Task 3 Letter to Teacher:

Develop a letter to the teacher providing praise and/or concerns regarding how effectively the teacher’s instructional practices addressed any exceptional learners.

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As I was observing your teaching approach towards a small group of children, I feltlike I should communicate some ideas regarding the effectiveness and delivery of methods used during your lesson. First, I would like to say how effective it was to divide tables in groups of four for their sharing and work. This approach is easier to manage, allowing communication between students and their peers. Partner talk, student grouping are supportive activities to diverse and exceptional learners. The positive approach used, “I’m looking for my best people sitting tall”, was very effective. I could appreciate through the video students changing their posture and focus.

The “countdown” approach was effective, giving the students a “heads up” towards the next activity. This connected to the use of a timer, letting students know thinking time was over. From observing your lesson, I found children were not engaged often, having a hard time connecting with you for this lesson. This could mean students need to be approached in different levels, given then fact, they are all different learners. Students were disruptive and this was evidenced by reminders of behavior used often, taking time away from the lesson.

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