Adolescent brain and social development




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Smarter Decision Making through Psychology

August 4, 2020


Using what you have learned about the adolescent brain and social development in Chapter 3 of the webtext, answer the questions below to help Gloria understand why her son is making such poor choices, and pose some recommendations to help her solve her problem. (Use page 3.4 for brain development and page 3.6 for social development.)

For each question, you should write a paragraph-length response (5–7 sentences) to receive credit for this assignment. Use your Soomo webtext as a resource. When you paraphrase the ideas that you read in the webtext, be sure to provide an in-text citation using the Strayer Writing Standards.

Note: This assignment asks you to apply the information from your webtext to a scenario. It does not require research or use of additional sources. However, if you choose to use information from an outside source (including, but not limited to, information in Blackboard or videos) you must cite that source in the text and provide an SWS source list. You must also cite your webtext and enter it into your source list.


Question 1: What are three physical changes that happen to teen brains that make it difficult for someone like Gary to weigh risk and reward? Use your Soomo webtext to paraphrase how teen brain changes affect decision-making. Remember to provide an in-text citation for the ideas that you paraphrase.


Question 2: In addition to their brains changing, teens change socially. What do teens wrestle with as they develop socially? Why may Gary value his peers more than his mom? Use your Soomo webtext to paraphrase how teens develop socially and how this would influence Gary’s decision. Remember to provide an in-text citation for the ideas you paraphrase.


Question 3: What are two specific strategies or pieces of advice that you would recommend that Gloria can offer to help her son to make better decisions? Write a paragraph that offers advice that would help Gloria with her son’s development as he improves his decision-making skills.

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