Alcoholic beverage



1. The nurse is assessing a client who reports being struck in the face and head several times. During the assessment, the nurse observes pink-tinged drainage from the client’s nares.

What nursing action provides relevant assessment data?

A. Have the client gently blow their nose and observe for bloody mucus

B. Test the drainage with reagent to check the ph.

C. Ask the client to describe the appearance of the face before the injury

D. Place a drop of the drainage on filter paper and look for a yellow ring


2. A nurse is providing discharge instruction to a client recently diagnosed with tuberculosis (TB). Which statements by the client indicates correct understanding of the teaching (select all that apply)

A. I will visit the clinic every week for injection of medication.

B. I will avoid alcoholic beverage while on this treatment plan

C. My family does not require testing.

D. Will follow up with my healthcare provider regularly

E. I need to strictly adhere to my medication schedule


3. A nurse is caring for a client who recently underwent a laryngectomy for neck cancer. Which of the following multidimensional nursing strategies would be appropriate for the postoperative care of this client? (select all that apply)

A. Alternative means of communication

B. Diet modification

C. stress reduction

D. pain management

E. Aerobic exercise


4. A nurse is assessing a client admitted with status asthmatics. Initially the nurse heard wheezes in the lungs, but now the lungs sounds are inaudible. What is the priority intervention?

A. Education to prevent future exacerbations

B. Administration of a long- acting bronchodilator

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