Analysis and sales plan

Create a promotion analysis and sales plan for a new line of products, including goals and the means to motivate your team.


You’ve already persuaded Red Bull’s executives with your analysis of the product, place, and price. You’re starting to get noticed for the diligence and insightfulness of your work. But Red Bull wants to make a big splash when introducing its coffee-flavored energy drinks and needs an analysis of the best strategy to promote its new line of products. In Assessment 4, you are asked to create a promotion analysis, the final component for Red Bull’s marketing analysis.

In order to achieve success, it will also be important to develop sales strategies that are a valuable component of the sales plan. This will enable Red Bull to meet or even exceed its sales objectives and goals.

A company can promote its products and services in a variety of ways, such as traditional media like TV, radio, and newspaper. But today’s age of social media and smartphones has opened up the ability to connect with the target market via apps, texting, online coupons, and videos. Red Bull also promotes its product via sports sponsorships. The goal is to get the consumer to buy the new line of coffee-flavored energy drinks and form loyalty to Red Bull and its products.



Continue with the fourth part of your marketing analysis and focus on the next of the 4 Ps—the promotional decisions for Red Bull. These are essential elements in building a sales plan.

Red Bull’s brand ambassadors must promote the new coffee-flavored energy drink to an older target market reward and motivate its team for a successful product launch. Your analysis should cover all aspects related to promoting the product, including to the customer, as well as to other promotional audiences.



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