analysis of articles regarding a significant provision within the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

    October 10, 2022

This assignment involves an analysis of articles regarding a significant provision within the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA).  Specifically, we will be examining the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) that was created by the ACA.     THere are 3 reviews and the outline attached for this assignment.
   For this assignment, articles related to IPAB will be provided.  Your task will be to write a paper that synthesizes the articles.  You will also want to discover how the ACA deals with IPABs.  This can be accomplished by searching the ACA (using the computer) for references to IPAB.   Please write an individual paper as follows:   Page 1   Abstract   • Please include your name at the top of this page (not in the header).  Immediately following your name, include the name of the assignment (i.e., A1).   • Write 1 paragraph (65-75 words) describing the overall intent of the PPACA.   • Write 1 paragraph (65-75 words) describing the IPAB concept.   Use both (a) the articles provided and (b) the ACA to formulate these two paragraphs.   Page 2   Synthesis  Write three paragraphs that synthesize your assigned articles.   Use subheaders to identify the topic that applies to each paragraph.    Do not include the ACA in your synthesis.   Please be sure to “synthesize.”  Synthesizing involves discovering three separate themes that are common to all of the articles.   Each paragraph shall contain 55-65  words.   Page 3   Rationing of Healthcare  Is it appropriate to use the term “death panels” to describe the IPAB?   You must choose only one position:  either “yes” or “no.”  Write 3 paragraphs supporting your position.  Be sure to present arguments that only justify your position. In other words, do not argue both positions.   Each paragraph shall contain 55-65 words.   Page 4   Suggestions to Improve IPABs   Assuming that IPABs are here to stay, what three suggestions would you make to improve IPABs?   Write 3 paragraphs, with one suggestion per paragraph.  Each paragraph shall contain 55-65  words.   Page 5   IPABS in Practice  Are you personally comfortable having your health care issues determined by an IPAB?   Please explain your answer using three distinct perspectives.   Write 3 paragraphs, with one perspective per paragraph.  Each paragraph shall contain 55-65  words.   Page 6   List of References  For this assignment, only use the assigned articles and the ACA.  Do not bring in material from other sources.   Each reference must be citied within your paper.  See the formatting guidelines below regarding the correct way to cite articles.   Exhibits Exhibits shall not be a part of this assignment.    FORMATTING GUIDELINES FOR THE PAPER   • Pages, including the cover page, shall be numbered in the center position within the bottom footer. • Spacing = 1.5 between lines. • 1” margins all around. • Font size = 12 point.  • Font type = Arial.  • References should be in the form of endnotes, with references numbered consecutively in the order in which they are first mentioned in the text. Do not use footnotes and do not use parenthetical referencing. This is a very important rule to follow. • When listing references, be sure to write the reference as though you found the article in a hard copy journal.  Do not include all of the useless URL information.  Include only the information that you would include with a paperbased reference. • Include a word count whenever a specific word limit is required. • This paper should be formatted and presented as a professional report

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