How would you go about building rapport with this client?

    September 15, 2022

Answer in two pages!

1.      Please read the following vignette and answer the questions.
Betty is four years old and is in foster care.  She has a history of physical abuse and neglect by her biological father.  Her foster parents have brought her to therapy to work with you.  She is having difficulty following directives from adults including her foster parents and preschool teachers.  She is also displaying excessive aggressive behavior towards her peers.
a.       How would you go about building rapport with this client?
b.      How can psychoanalytic play therapy be beneficial for this client?
c.       How might bibliocounseling be beneficial for working with this client?
2.      Please read onescholarly journal article on either bibliocounseling, storytelling or play therapy and summarize (in your own words) the information from this article.Please do not cut and paste from the article- I want you to process the information and write it in your own words.  List your citation.

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