Answer to two peer with a 100-150 world APA format

    October 10, 2022


 Big tobacco is a major contribution to the millions of deaths experienced worldwide owing to the deadly diseases like lung cancer which arise as a result of tobacco consumption (Laverack, 2013). These diseases paralyses a community in the sense that the sick members cannot work and contribute to community activities and the community has to use a lot of resources in taking care of the sick as well as the orphans that are left behind as the disease wipes away family members. These resources could have been utilized to develop the community in other ways. The overall effect of these to a community is high levels of poverty and low production levels.
Bearing in mind the high growth of the tobacco companies and their enticing advertisements to increase the sales of the deadly tobacco products, activism by advanced practice nurses is paramount to effective solutions of the big tobacco. One of the ways the nurse can employ in eliminating the effects of big tobacco to a community is though helping victims quit smoking. This can be done through guidance and counseling by the nurses at an individual level (Panda et al, 2013). The nurses should make clear the dangers associated with smoking to an individual and provide the resources that are required to stop victims from smoking. They should also conduct follow up programs of the victims or patient being counseled.
The other way the nurses can help prevent the effects of Big tobacco to a community is by getting clear knowledge of the tobacco companies strategies of increasing their sales, their efforts to prevent the efforts of the nurses and public health policies against the products. This will be paramount in their education campaigns in the media, at individual level and at the community level as it will help them increase their advocacy skills in these campaigns (Panda et al, 2013).
Laverack, G. (2013). Health activism: foundations and strategies. Sage.
Panda, R.,

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