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This 2 part writing assignment will be a research paper about an anthropological topic of your choice.

The Final Paper (Research Paper Part 2) will meet the following guidelines:

-3-5 pages of text, not including title page and bibliography (typed; double-spaced) .

-You must use at least 3 sources.

a) One source will be one of your OER Textbooks (mandatory)

b) Only 1 of these may be a website. Any website you cite must have .edu as its extension.  (you do not have to use a website).

(You may not use Wikipedia,, or any other dictionaries or encyclopedias. E-Books and Online Journal articles found in the online library do not count as websites.)

c) The remaining sources will be print books, ebooks, journal articles from peer-reviewed academic journals.

Citations and Bibliography should follow the APA style. You must provide citations for paraphrasing and summary, as well as direct quotes! You may want to review these guidelines for paraphrasing, quoting, and summarizing. You do not need to use a running header or include an abstract. Guide to APA Citations

Some potential paper topics: Chose a culture that you have learned about from the book or films; Write about the work of a particular anthropologist;  Investigate a specific anthropological theory (e.g. Sapir-Whorf hypothesis) or technique (e.g. radio-carbon dating); Discuss one of the specializations of the Sub-fields (e.g. primatology, ethnohistory, socio-linguistics, etc.).  Remember, this is not a history, religious studies, or psychology class. Your topic must be of anthropological significance, and your sources must be written by anthropologists.

Some poor choices of paper topics: A country or continent (Africa, Asia); A world Religion (Islam, Buddhism, etc); “Native Americans” (there are hundreds of Native American groups, choose one if that is your interest); Yourself or your own travel experiences; If you are not certain if your topic is appropriate, just ask your instructor.

Your paper will consist of 2 parts (check the calendar for due dates)

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