Appropriate course terminology


You write a clear, concise, and persuasive analysis, in your own words, for the 1 artist and their work that you select from the list above.  The analysis should convince your reader of the validity of your objective interpretation.  I’m looking for a paragraph or two that interweaves the following information:

  • Appropriate course terminology.
  • Your thoughts backed up by evidence. I don’t want to see a string of quotes (which is plagiarism) – think critically.
  • Visually analyzes the artwork: What FEA & PoD are used most prominently in the artwork? Why does the artist make those choices? What medium does the artist choose?
  • Contextually analyzes the artwork: How does the artwork relate to the time in which it was created? When? Where? What was happening politically, socially, economically, etc., that the artists were responding to?
  • Thematically analyzes the artwork: What are the major themes are present in the artwork? And how are they applied?
  • Clearly state your objective interpretation of the artwork. This should be the result of thinking critically about the object’s original context, key ideas & characteristics of the movement, FEA, PoD & the major themes of art.

Finally, you will ask a challenge question for your peers to answer.  Questions and responses to them should:

  • Derive from course material
  • Center on thinking about the art object in myriad ways.
  • Not be too obscure, obvious or off topic
  • Challenge each other to think critically about the art object & it’s context.

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