Are potential sources of error mentioned?

    October 7, 2022

lab report also calculations for tables
BNG 411 Lab Report Rubric
Introduction (15 points)
Does the background information justify why the experiment was performed? Is there a larger context?
Are the experimental questions/objectives clear?
Materials and Methods (15 points)
Would the experiment be replicable?
Are there complete sentences (i.e., not bulleted lists)?
Results (25 points)
Are experimental data presented clearly and well described (with units?)
Are all necessary figures and tables properly formatted? Are all figures and tables referenced in the
Are calculations (if applicable) clear?
Can someone reading this section understand the logical sequence of calculations or analysis?
Discussion (25 points)
Are the results interpreted and logical conclusions made based on the data?
Are experimental results clearly explained, including explanation of outliers or unexpected points?
Are potential sources of error mentioned?
References (10 points)
Three references cited in APA format
Grammar (10 points)
Are thoughts clearly stated and easy to read?
Are there grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes?
Did the student avoid using first person language?

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