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ARFF personnel face

In a 2-3 page paper using apa format, the equivalent of 500 words, (+/- 10%), please provide an SMS safety plan addressing hazards associated with ARFF for the inflight fire of UPS Flight 1307 (ipapilot) (PDF). Listed in the attachments section. Must have a minimum of two cited soures Use the SMS system to develop a safety profile addressing the following issues:

· Identify generic hazards ARFF personnel face during the response to the aircraft on-site crash.

· Identify specific hazards with cargo aircraft fire (lithium batteries).

· Identify human factor hazards and protective measures (PPE).

Utilize the SMS reference listed in the attachment section below:

· ICAO Safety: Source - SMS Workshop Modules (ICAO)

· SMS Module N° 2 – Basic safety concepts (ICAO) (PDF) 

· SMS Module N° 3 – Introduction to Safety Management (ICAO) (PDF) 

· SMS Module N° 4 – Hazards (ICAO) (PDF)

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