Assign 3-2 Discussion Issues

Should an organization implement computer forensic procedures before or after a fraud is committed? Explain.

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Businesses frequently call upon computer forensic specialists to assist when an incident occurs and computer crime expertise is needed. For example, they may be called if an employee of a company is using the company’s computer for personal reasons on the company’s time. The employee might be surfing the web to access adult web sites, searching through auction sites, engaging in peer-to-peer file transfers, swapping music and movies using company band width, or performing a number of other activities in which the individual engages in agency conflict. If an employee has been suspected of engaging in such activities, he/she might try to delete information and cover his/her tracks in the hope that no one will find the files or other evidence. Organizations can hire specialists to gather various types of information from the employee’s computer. Specialists can recover deleted files, track network activity and create reports that contain a summary of the activities in which the employee has engaged.

Insurance agencies have the ability to mitigate costs if computer evidence is found that pertains to the possibility of fraud in accident, arson and worker’s compensation cases. Civil litigations can use personal and business records found on computers and various media types that could possibly bear on discrimination, divorce and harassment cases. Corporations sometimes hire computer forensics specialists to gather evidence when certain threatening issues arise, such as the leak of internal and confidential information, embezzlement, theft, sexual harassment and the unlawful gaining of access to internal computers. This is important for corporations, because they will then have legal, binding evidence against an employee. Based upon the prior statements, I believe that organizations should have an electronic records-retention policy (ERP).Leavitt (2007) notes that a retention policy should contain certain provisions, such as

A statement as to the purpose of the policy;

Whether the policy will be for the entire organization or a certain department;

An exclusion from the policy for litigation or audit purposes;

The name of the employee(s) or department(s) responsible for overseeing the policy;

The name of the employee(s) or department(s) responsible for destruction pursuant to the policy;

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