Audit Your Technology

2.1: Audit Your Technology (Individual Project — Part 3)


In this Assignment you will create an overview of the technology currently being used by your organization.

Required Reading

  • Elloumi, F. (2004). Value Chain Analysis: A Strategic Approach to Online Learning. In T. Anderson & F. Elloumi (Eds.), Theory and Practice of Online Learning.
    (34 pages)

    The expansion of Internet access created opportunities for new business models of educational institutions; among other implications, it meant that formal education no longer needed to be confined within classroom walls. This reading illustrates the influence of the Web on the academic market in the context of the five forces model. It further examines the role of technology in the value chain elements of niche market entrants based on their various competitive strategies. Note the processes associated with the elements of the organization’s (Athabasca University’s) value chain, and consider how technological refinements could greater enhance the value generated by those processes. This reading is included to stimulate academic discussion, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions and/or practices of Jones International University.

Optional Resources


Research the key technology that is being used in your organization based upon the value chain elements as argued by Porter.

  1. Complete the section “Technology audit” in the project plan template document. Post this section of your project to the course Forum.
    Note that in Module 7 you’ll compile this and the other sections of the project plan into a single, coherent proposal. By then you’ll have a more comprehensive understanding of how the work done in this Module fits into the bigger picture, and can revise accordingly.
  2. Review at least two peer submissions and comment constructively by reflecting on differences between their project and yours. Pay special attention to how well your peers are able to explicitly link existing technology to parts of the value chain and the difficulties encountered while doing this.

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