Augmentative and alternative communication

Answer each question in 250 words with two resources each.

1. Why do you think it is important to plan when you are going to instruct one or more students who need AT? How do teachers determine key concept vocabulary and action words to include on a device or in pictures to promote engagement during instruction for a given topic?

2. Describe 2-3 listening and speaking activities or strategies teachers could use to help students develop phonemic awareness and develop an understanding about sounds and symbol systems. Why is it important for the teacher to provide opportunities for integrating phonological awareness activities throughout the school day?

3. Describe at least two pre-reading and two post-reading strategies or learning activities teachers can use to assist elementary students in developing their awareness of sounds and print and to facilitate conversations about books and stories. Rationalize your choices.

4. How can educators make a distinction between literacy delays that are the result of second language acquisition and those that are the result of a language disorder? What are some specific considerations for intervention and assessment for students who are language learners that also have a language disorder?

5. Describe assistive technology (AT) or augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) and who benefits from the use of it. In addition, describe current trends in AT or AAC that can be utilized in the classroom. Be specific.

6. The purpose of this course is to learn how to help students develop proficient language and communication skills. How might such proficiency grow or restore a student’s sense of self-worth? How does that affect your instruction, and your relationships with the students you will be teaching?

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