Be specific.

    October 7, 2022

2. Using your favorite graphics program (Pymol, Chimera, etc.), create a figure containing three panels, labeled a, b, and c: (a) highlighting a protein-protein interaction of your choice, (b) highlighting the RhlR:mBTL interaction, and (c) highlighting the RhlR-DNA interaction. (20 pts).
Each figure should contain specific residues that are important to the highlighted interactions. These will be the focus of the next two questions.
Embed your figure panels in a Word document and write a corresponding figure legend using these following resources (10 pts).
(Question 2 has been completed and is labeled document “Pymol Assignment” in attachments use that, PowerPoint notes and outside information to answer questions 3 and 4
3. Design mutations that would allow you to understand the three interactions from question 2
Be specific. Which residues will you alter? To what will you alter them and why? (15 pts).
4. Design controlled experiments to assess the mutations designed for all three interactions from questions 2 and 3. (15 pts).

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