Begin your summary paragraph with an introduction to the text.

    November 5, 2022

summary paragraph

Write a formal summary paragraph of the texts below.
Use APA 7 formatting.
Begin your summary paragraph with an introduction to the text. This sentence should include: the title of the source, the full name of the author, the publication date and location (i.e., publisher), and the main idea of the text.
Develop your summary paragraph by paraphrasing the author’s main message, as well as key points and major evidence. Do not include any unnecessary or minor details.
Use clear and objective language so that your summary does not include your opinion.
Use correct grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure so that your audience can clearly understand your summary.
Clearly reference all of your information with in-text citations and References. I recommend reviewing the learning resource below, “Using the Ideas and Words of Others.”

 Do not forget to include APA in-text citations for all of your references to the text. Please also submit a Reference list for all sources used in your formal summary (it should only be one source).
Submit your Summary (in APA 7 formatting) 

Text 3: “How Ethical Are Animal Safaris Really?” by Ella Alexander (2019)

Animal safari is a bucket list favorite, but are there are drawbacks to playing paparazzi around animals?


Comparative Textbook Analysis

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