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BEHS 343Week 3 Discussion

What ethical issues are associated with the following parenting topics: genetic testing, designer babies, cloning, prenatal screening, and age discrimination? Select two topics to discuss and provide your viewpoints.

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Prenatal screenings are most often conducted in order to give important information about the mom and the baby’s health. During these tests, many problems such as birth defects or genetic diseases can be detected as a result, to help make necessary medical decisions before or after the birth of the child. “It’s estimated that newborn screening leads to a potentially life-saving early diagnosis each year for 5,000 to 6,000 children nationwide”, Julie Watts (12 Mar 2018).Ethical questions arise when those who have a disability like down syndrome and others are seen as not deserving to live which religious believe that if this was the case, God would have not let that child conceived in the first place. “The fact that there is a choice available to mothers

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