BEHS 364 Week 5 Discussion

Q. What is the families role in alcoholism?

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“The term codependence replaced an earlier term, co alcoholism, in the early 1970s and achieved widespread acceptance among the general public during the 1980s. Both terms point to problematic beliefs and behaviors that family members of individuals with substance use disorders tend to have in common, and the term codependence has been applied to every possible type of addiction” (Korsmeyer & Kranzler, 2009).According to this book, a codependent individual, someone who is raised by at least one alcoholic parent may develop attachments to people with those kinds of addiction later in life.

It is interesting that the studies show positive correlation of women getting, into relationships with alcoholics if they grew up with one as a guardian. This is a sad fact, and shows that everything must be done to help people with drinking problems before they pass down the addiction to future generations or unconsciously show kids

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