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BLA week 3 DB Product Regulatory

After reading the assigned chapters and watching the video on Product Regulatory Compliance in Reading and Resource section, answer the following questions:

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New, and updated products are designed, manufactured and produced regularly. With the consumption of these products in demand, the process of buying and selling is what drives our markets and encourages continuous growth. Almost anyone from entrepreneurial individuals to big name companies can come up with new or improved products; but not without the approval of agencies that require specific processes and regulations from the start of design, to the manufacturing and distribution. Examples of two products that are heavily regulated are cosmetics and food/ beverage. All cosmetic products, old and new must be approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration.) This consists of the proper labeling for use of the product, any color additives and their reasoning’s, as well as ingredients (CFS & Applied Nut.)According to the FDA all labeling must be accurate and can not falsely advertise the

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