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BNS303 M4D1 national power

After reading the module notes and the assigned readings, you are now ready to engage in an online discussion about the elements of national power. Post your response to the following discussion questions:Which of the elements of national power do you think may yield the most influence if used correctly? Explain your answer with examples and cited sources.What elements of national power does your chosen country possess? What are its strengths and weaknesses in a DIME context?

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A nation’s ability to wield one or all the powers to engage in war or to push or control its national agenda is based on a country’s socio-economic conditions. In order to better quantify how this is achieved, it can be broken down through the utilization of the acronym D.I.M.E; Diplomacy, Information, Military, and Economics. The efficacy of the US government in deploying the tools of national power to achieve national strategic objectives is critical to the country’s capacity to promote its national interests. Although all other elements of national international

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