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For this task you will need to focus on the risk management cycle—identification, assessment, control, monitor and review. Consider the aspects of OHS covered in this module—the risk management process, the use of policies and procedures and training, as well as the importance of consultation within the workplace. Using the module’s information, you are asked to evaluate the current OHS and risk management practices in your current work organisation, or one in which you have previously worked. Write around a 1500-word report which contains the following three parts.
Part one
Report introduction
This should include the company profile. You should consider: size, structure, the nature of the business, management structure, history of operations, locations, work environment and so on. You need to demonstrate that you understand the business and what this means in relation to the approach to risk management, especially OHS management.
Important note: It is important that you gain permission and support from the company’s management to undertake this assignment. Do not identify names of either individuals or the company in your report.
Part two
Identification of hazards, assessments and control of risks
List and discuss the formal and informal practices to identify workplace hazards, assessments and control of these risks. You may need to use the following as headings and write your answers under each heading: Briefly list and describe any OHS and risk management systems in place Consider systems for managing specific risks, eg chemicals, manual handling and systems for reporting or recording OHS hazards and risks. Systems for identification of risks. What are they? Are they effective?
4 P0043021 – LA011235 Evaluation – BSBOHS407A Ed 1
© State of New South Wales, Department of Education and Training 2009, Version 1, February 2009 Consider observation, audits, site walkabouts, statistical data, consultation and records. Systems for assessment. What are they? Are they effective? Consider how hazards are analysed and prioritised, consideration of likelihood and consequences of risks, documentation of assessment process and the consultative process. Consider consultative mechanisms utilised within the organisation. What are they? Are they effective? Systems for hazard control. What are they? Are they effective? Consider elimination, substitution, engineering, isolation, administration and use of PPE. List and outline the training programs for ANY safety training that is undertaken in the workplace and in particular training for new employees.
Part three
Role of supervisor/team-leader
As part of this analysis special attention should be paid to the role of the supervisor/team leader in the process. To what extent do the policies, practices, hierarchy and culture of the organisation support the supervisor/team leader? How well acquainted are supervisors/team leaders with their role(s) and responsibilities? You will need to discuss the evidence of these systems existing. Identify the systems and state how they are effective.
Note: You are not limited to the above considerations. You may use a checklist, undertake interviews, access records (with the company’s permission), refer to relevant legislation and so on to complete this assessment task.
Important reminder: It is important that you gain permission and support from the company’s management to undertake this assignment.



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