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BSHS 325 Week 3 Substantive Posts

Q: How do you think society’s view of women as losing sexual allure in middle age affect a woman’s physical and psychological experiences during menopause?

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A: As children, birthdays are exciting events that we wait for each year. Parties and gifts are the reasons why such events are much awaited for. However, after our 16th and 21st birthdays, the next birthdays to come become days we wouldn’t want to come at all. Getting older is usually such a big thing for women –I can personally attest to this even if I’m just 29. Honestly though, getting older is not really a problem for me as long as family and friends are close by. The menopausal stage that each woman will undergo can either become a positive or negative experience for many. The changes in the body may result to headaches, lack of sleep, anxiety or depression, and even hot flashes. However, it is also welcomed by those who want to have their menstrual cycle finished as, for some; it is a monthly painful experience.

Everything that we get exposed to affects us and how we react. In relation to the menopausal stage, even societal view of a woman during this stage can contribute to a woman’s positive or negative experience of it. The first thing that society labels women on menopause is that they are old. Although many women are not at all ‘aged’, this perception inadvertently makes the women feel physically weaker when they’re not. Usually, the normal headaches become harder to deal with and lack of sleep hard to recover. This same perception – which, oftentimes translate to a loss of sexual allure – impacts how a woman, not only feels physically, but also emotionally. Anyone would want to feel good about themselves and feel appreciated. If a woman is thought to have lost her sexual allure, this may bring some sadness as this, in most cases; translate to a greater chance of being appreciated.

A woman may become sad or even depressed at the thought that she would not be able to bear children anymore. Other physiological outcomes would be that women would feel more anxious about themselves which leads to lower self-esteem and a lack of fulfilment in one’s self. All these translate to a more ‘painful’ menopausal stage. Regardless of the societal view on women in their menopause, women should be able prepare themselves for this stage in life by checking out health books, asking friends and families about their own experiences and going to the doctor. Usually, this preparation includes exercising regularly and eating healthy food. With these, one is ready to take the physical and emotional toil that may come with the menopausal stage combined with a seemingly judgmental societal view.

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