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BSHS 332 Week 4 DQs ethical codes

What is the relationship between law, ethical codes, and professional practice?

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To understand the relationship between law, ethical codes and professional practice, it is important to know the difference between them. To understand law, one must know that it is a binding custom or rule that is recognized by individuals, the community or by society. To understand ethical codes is to know that they are principals that define morals and the conduct of individuals, communities, or society. Finally, to understand processional practice is to know that it is a means of using one’s own ideas and activities in an individual’s respective field of practice. To provide an example of how the relationship works between law, ethical codes and professional practice, one could look at the profession of a social worker who works with abused and neglected children. By law, social workers as well as other professional workers such as doctors, nurses, teachers, school personnel, and truant officers must report any signs of abuse or neglect of children to the Department of Children and Family Services.

Failing to report by these professionals would be a violation of the law. One of the ethical codes in social work is not to discriminate or play favoritism to any of their clients. Each professional needs to be fair and balanced in their decision making process. They should not take a child from the home because they don’t like the family for some reason over another family. Additionally, a social worker should keep their personal feelings out of their decision making process. If they are having a bad day, as an example, they should not allow that to get in the way of the important decisions they are making about children. During an individual’s professional practice in regards to working with abused or neglected children, social workers are asked to make very important and difficult decisions every day. When making the decision to take a child from their home, a professional’s personal morals and values are used as well as the professional’s instinct. The goal of any social worker in any case

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