Bshs 335 week 1 Code of Ethics

Organization Responsibility to client Limitations to Confidentiality Cultural Considerations Other Important Themes

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Organization of Human Services (NOHS) Professionals protect client’s privacy, protect safety of client and others, values or biases are not imposed on clients, integrity, safety, and security of client all client records are secure and protected, s technology is to remain confidential and steps to make sure that happens are taken, clients are to be informed if any breach in service, technology, or privacy have been  impacted. The client should be informed in the first meeting and the extent of confidentiality between them. Confidentiality is limited when a client has said they were going to harm themselves or someone else and the professional acts appropriately. There is no discrimination to any culture, race, ability, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, ethnicity, or gender. Everyone is the same. Human service professionals offer services within their knowledge, and their skill in the helping process.

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) Advance the welfare of families by helping find balance in the family unit. The professional obtains consent and makes sure clients understand the process. No sexual encounters with current or former clients. Respect clients and their trust with them. Follow laws and report unethical issues. The professional doesn’t abuse their position and assist their clients with therapeutic services that contain to the issues they may have. The professional guards and respects each client individually. Confidentiality is explained to those involved in the process and limitations of their confidentiality. Written waiver, permitted by law, or mandated are considered breaks in confidentiality. In the context of couple, family or group treatment, the therapist may not reveal any individual’s confidences to others in the client unit without the prior written permission of that individual. The therapist takes steps to protect the privacy of their client’s store, safeguard, and dispose of client records in ways that maintain confidentiality and in accord with applicable laws and professional standards.

Provide professional assistance to anyone without discrimination because of ethnicity, age, race, disability, health status, religion, national origin socioeconomic status, gender, relationship status, or sexual orientation. Marriage and family therapists aspire to the highest of standards in providing testimony in various contexts within the legal system. National Association of Social Workers (NASW)Social workers’ main responsibility is to ensure the well-being of all clients. Professional social workers respect and encourage clients to self-determination by assisting them with their goals. Social workers are to represent themselves as competent when it comes to their education, licensing, training, and applicable professional experiences when services are given to

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