BSHS 335 Week 4 DQ 2 confidentiality

What challenges may arise relating to confidentiality when working with couples. What steps can you take to prevent a breach of ethics/confidentiality?

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Different councilors handle couples therapy differently. I think the best way would be to have each member sign a confidentiality agreement that nothing said can leave the room or be held against each other. Secrets can hinder a relationship that is why it’s important to be honest with eating other. Honesty can solve problems. If the problem cannot be solved by being honest and working on issues, then the couple isn’t meant to be together because it’s not healthy. You mentioned that some companies separate the couple. I don’t think this is a good way because if the couple is not together then it’s not really couples therapy and they cannot work out their problems. Social workers also provide services to couples, and families. Confidentiality can be harder to maintain when this is the case. The couple could use information against each other if they decided to end their relationship. Before working with a couple the social workers should communicate clearly with both members about the privacy policies.

Information that needs to be addressed is Clarifying the purpose of the sessions and the role of the social worker as treating clinician, rather than as an expert witness for legal. Proceedings. Articulating a policy protecting both clients’ privacy regarding information shared in conjoint sessions unless both clients consent to disclosure. Clarifying that due to the nature of the treatment, if individual therapy is recommended, it may be necessary for the social worker to refer the client(s) to another therapist to avoid a possible conflict of interest. At a later point a member of the couple could resort to legal actions such as for a divorce or for custody. The couple may ask the social worker to get involved to release information that was said to help their case. The social worker should follow the standards in the NASW code of ethics before proceeding. Acting diligently to protect the privacy of couples and families is not only prudent and ethical practice, it may

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