BUS 311 Business LawWEEK 1Discussion Question 1 Applying the Law to a Set of Fac

BUS 311 Business LawWEEK 1Discussion Question 1 Applying the Law to a Set of FactsDiscussion Question 2 Tort or CrimeWeekly QuizWEEK 2Assignment Critical Analysis PaperDiscussion Question 1 Elements of a ContractDiscussion Question 2 The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)Weekly Quiz (Two Sets)WEEK 3Final Paper OutlineJournal Your ExperiencesDiscussion Question 1 Employment-at WillDiscussion Question 2 A Principals Responsibility for the Actions of Their AgentWeekly Quiz (Two Sets)WEEK 4Discussion Question 1 Real Intellectual and Personal PropertyDiscussion Question 2 Business EthicsJournal Business EthicsMultimedia Activity Business OrganizationWeekly Quiz (Two Sets)WEEK 5Final PaperDiscussion Question 1Intellectual Property and TechnologyDiscussion Question 2 The Global MarketplaceWeekly Quiz

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