Today, social media is playing a major role in the selection process. How would the use of such tools as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others impact your decision in finding the right candidate and why would you select such tool(s)?

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The use of social media has ushered a new dimension in recruitment process as they are cost effective. The growth of social media sites is phenomenal and has made companies get into those sites where the talent is available. The organizations HRM have to work with these groups for getting the best talent and filling jobs across the globe on a timely basis. These social media recruitment has gained momentum where organizations come in contact with prospective employees with such a medium getting more prominence (Wright, N. 2011). The main reason why the companies have to resort to this medium is the college going class have registered into these various social medium sites which make the HRM job more easier in finding talent across as 86% belong to this groups (Youssef. C.2015).The main employer’s advantages are they get the best candidates for the job fit and designed and job description designed for their organizations. There is more transparency between the employer and employee as details are clearly mentioned as required.

These sites have lot of talent and companies can scout for the required talent suitable for the job. The main uses are it is more open and democratic. It helps to get a more personal touch which is more important in today’s global conditions. Nearly 93% of recruiters are using linked In to scout for talent and 89% of that hiring was completed, Facebook is day by day increasing its percentage in recruitment as it is becoming more globally reached75% as on 2014, Twitter has a 54% recruiters resort in recruitment (Schawbel, D. 2012). The HRM gets the benefit of these social media as it helps decision making process and is timesaving cost saving and effective. Global internet users are on an increasing trend as per the latest data provided based on their population some major details helps us understand as to why HRM are resorting these social sites .

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