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BUS 318 Week 4 Discussion 1

Describe a situation where you have encountered unplanned change. What did you do? Would you do it differently now? Thinking back, what were the other options at the time and why did you not choose them?

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Unplanned change is inevitable at the most inopportune times, but as a manager you do the best you can to assist your team members. Some employees may have a difficult time adapting to change, but as a manager you have to be able to facilitate change by motivating and mentoring those that need that little extra push. According to the Management Study Guide, for effective internal and/or external challenges, organizations must learn to be more adaptable, agile, and majority of operational modifications are carried out in a planned manner to achieve particular aims or targets (Management Study Guide, 2021).From my previous experience as a manager in the gaming industry, change was continuously happening. Once an idea was implemented, it would be changed quicker than a blink of an eye.

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