BUS 352 W3 Discussion 1

Describe what you believe are the three most essential elements of a B2B site. Briefly describe the role Intranets play in B2B operations.

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B2B, also known as an e-commerce business-to-business model, refers to electronic transactions between businesses through automated trading, communication, and collaboration processes that aim to improve the company. Companies utilize B2Boperations to gain competitive advantages, improve collaboration between suppliers and buyers, and reduce delays (Turban, 2011).After reviewing this week’s videos and several external texts, I believe the three most essential elements of a B2B site are product specifications and price transparency, language and regional support, and navigational tools and search options. First off, I believe a B2B site must have transparency with pricing, return of investment, and product reliability information. One way to do this is to have prices and return of investment information readily available for all products.

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