BUS318 W3D2 effective leadership

Why is it important to view leadership in a relational process and what traits have you found to be the associated with effective leadership?

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Viewing relational leadership and their traits are associated with follower’s beliefs ineffective leadership. According to Snowden (2013), followers or team members must relate to the leader. The leader must express their understanding of change, correlate shared values and purpose, be optimistic, demonstrate commitment, and possess creative thinking. An effective leader must have self-awareness, be open-minded, and value diversity. Also, a leader must have an understanding of power and how to promote it, show or express value in team member’s contributions, and importantly, be encouraging, having strong informative skills, and promotes individual and team growth. The more a leader can relate to team members the more unity can be created. Having a bond or relationship with your leader eases team member’s worries and allows them to openly participate freely.

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