BUS352 Week 5 Discussion 1

How do you believe payment system benefits, complications, and complexity can help or hinder new online business owners from establishing a business online? Compare and contrast new owner scenarios with large and established businesses.

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It can be very difficult for small businesses just starting out establishing electronic payment methods. There are many start-up charges involved for any new business, especially if they intend to accept debit and credit cards for customer purchases. I know that some of the challenges some of the local owners here in the small town I live in are the debit and credit fees. There is a 3-5% charge on every transaction that is paid to the banks. Additionally, I live in a military community so most businesses offer a 10% military or senior citizen discount to its customers. Right off the bat the merchant is already down 13%. From there, it’s an uphill climb. In order to recoup these losses, they must pass the charges to the

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