BUS370 – Week 3 Discussion 2

Referencing this week’s lecture, assess the changes you have made in your personal or professional life and evaluate how well you maintained the change.

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The change that I have made personally in my life was evaluating me. Sometimes we can get so adjusted and complacent to the way things are that we are not willing to fix or change anything. I like things the way they are! I have figured ME out……I am my worst enemy. I can be hard on myself, unforgiven, stubborn, spoiled and a little self-centered. The spirit mirrored me and showed me myself. I discovered that I really did not like the person I had become. In that moment, I realized; I have to change and fix these misbehaviors in me. It took a lot for me to change because I was ready to accept it. Mentally is where I started and when I worked on my mind, everything else seem to fall into place. I do know that change is never bad; especially when I know it is something about me that must change. There was a time

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